"Why not go out on a limb? That's where all the fruit is." Will Rogers

At Moulinet we create an environment that allows you to feel safe in stretching outside of your comfort zone.

Trust Building

Earning parents’ trust is our goal. We build safe, open environments with caring team members who make your child's safety our number one priority.

Maximizing Potential

“Two heads are better than one” Either on the phone, in person, or over skype, a parent coach builds an authentic connection with your family and gives customized support and advice based on your family's needs.


Janaina Dias | Founder, CEO

Our mission at Moulinet is celebrating families at all aspects of their lives. The modern working family has evolved from previous generations. Thus, families must architect their professional and personal goals in the areas of career building, raising children and ultimately creating a fulfilling life.

We embrace women who work; doing what they love, pursuing their passions, making priorities and also being successful as a mom.

We applaud men who are building their careers without forgetting to commit with aspect of family life.

We believe in children and support them in helping them build their emotional and academic foundations.

I am pleased to share our passion and look forward to creating great memories with our Moulinet families!

“Moulinet” is a French word that means “pinwheel” or “movement of a circle”. A pinwheel is traditionally a handcrafted toy that each individual can make uniquely their own, which is the attitude we embrace towards learning.

About Jana
Janaina Dias has 15 years experience in childhood education and school management and holds a B.A in Business from University of Sao Paulo. She also holds a degree in Childhood Education from CEFAM SANTO ANDRE, and also has completed a wide array of educational certifications and a strategic coaching certificate through her study in the USA.

Jana has worked with the youth all around the world in the educational field. In countries such as Italy, Brazil, Portugual, Peru, Doha, Dubai and Guanna. Bringing the very best multicultural experience and curriculum to serve the diverse communities in Washington DC.