Healthy Eating

During the day, your child will receive a freshly prepared two course lunch using locally sourced ingredients, snacks, afternoon tea and breakfast, if required. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always on offer and menus are available for parents to read.
Our Full Time children eat up the majority of their weekly nutritional intake at our facility. For us, this is a huge responsibility and we want to ensure that everything the children eat is of the best quality, the menus are balanced and the children enjoy their food.

Flexible Child Care

In partnership with Magic Ground we offer Child Care services that are an extension of your home whether you need full day, half day, evenings, or flexible hour care. We are grateful for your children at all times, guaranteed. Please contact our Child Care Director for guidance and help us find the best program for your child. We go beyond basic care for your child to create a multicultural environment that stimulates creativity, socialization, and confidence. Our goal is accomplished by blending art, music, language and guided play into a well-crafted program.


The Early Years Foundation Stage

Designed to teach and educate your child through fun and engaging activities in Spanish and English, Magic Ground introduces its own methods to set new standard of childcare.

The aim

The aim of the EYFS is to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to learn through high quality play experiences and that they will be supported through this journey by their relationship with their key person.

Key person system

The key person will plan key experiences based on your child’s interests and stage of development and will observe and monitor your child. We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children and we welcome parental contributions to the learning experience that takes place at Magic Ground.

Our Mission

We genuinely want our center to be the best and we want every experience to be memorable and fun. We realize they it is vital that we earn the trust and confidence of you, the parent, and that you are happy with what we do and how we do it. Together, we can produce happy and confident children who enjoy living in a culture that nurtures and values the importance of a happy childhood and gives children the opportunity to maximize their full potential and become well-rounded citizens in the world.

No hidden fees.

You shouldn’t have to worry about gathering together a bagful of items every morning. Magic Ground lets you focus your attention on the most important aspect – your child.
At Magic Ground there are no hidden extras. Your child’s meals*, are all included in the fees you pay. Any additional classes you request for your child are entirely optional, so you only pay for the one you want. Our center is open all year round and we offer back-up care on weekends through our flexible drop-off and activity passes.