Introducing Moulinet Family Blog

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Jana Dias

Introducing Moulinet Family Blog

Before I kick off a formal blog, I wanted to take some time to introduce myself and set the intention for why I created this blog in the first place.

My name is Jana Dias, and I’m the Founder of Moulinet Childcare and Director of the Magic Ground Early Learning Center.

Originally from Brazil and now a US citizen, I’ve dedicated my life to working with children and families all around the world. What I’ve noticed from my time spent in this vocation is that the roles of family and parenting are, unsurprisingly, evolving as the world becomes a hyper-connected place.
In our present day, we are seeing families who:

  • have two working parents with unconventional working hours and flex schedules
  • have parents from diverse and multi-cultural backgrounds
  • have two mom’s or two dad’s
  • have fathers who are stepping into the role as primary caregiver  as they support their wife who is working to build a high-powered career
  • are acknowledging their children’s unique learning patterns and styles and are dedicated to building emotional intelligence alongside cognitive skills

From these observations, I realized that just like families have evolved, so too does the role of childcare in supporting those families.

Traditionally childcare has been viewed as a necessary expense to career-building.

We envision childcare to be the platform where communities of parents can connect and learn from each other. It is the breeding ground for developing our children, and embracing and encouraging their unique traits while instilling active and healthy habits and social skills.

Our Child Learning Center is the beginning of my vision, and The Modern Family Blog is a vehicle that can expand that vision beyond the local communities our center serves to reach parents who are seeking support and advice for developing engaged families and happy children.

From this blog, you can expect things like: parenting tips, methods to connect with other parents, career advice and support for working parents, ideas to develop healthy behaviors in your children, and much, much more.

Of course, this blog is as much yours as it is ours. Please send me an email at to with specific questions you need help with, or to guest blog.

The Modern Family Blog is dedicated to celebrating and sharing stories of the modern family. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy!


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