Filed Trip to Cox Farm

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Fall is a beautiful time on the farm! When the temperature dips and leaves began to turn colors, the fall harvest season begins. It’s time for the cornfield maze, the pumpkin patch and more.
This month during our Field Trip to the pumpkin patch, the children enjoyed a Hay Ride through beautiful Cox Farm , climbed aboard a hay wagon ride, we took a ride on a pretend tractor, navigated a giant hay maze, and then had an opportunity to pick their own pumpkin and enjoyed tons of slides with their families , classmates and teachers . The field trip was a great success and we are so glad that most of our families could make it.

Baby Wash and Care Activity

This was a great role play for developing personal , social and emocional skills . Here is what they are learning as they play:

PSE: caring for others, role-playing, understanding about habits, showing understanding of hygiene and self-care practices, dressing

Physical: fine motor skills, doing up buttons/ poppers/ zips, fastening nappies/ diapers

Creative: telling stories and acting out roles/ characters during play

Pumpkin Theme Activities That They Love

I get so giddy when October arrives! There are so many fun fall activities to choose from, indoors and out. One of my favorite themes this month involves pumpkins. As soon as I see them in the grocery stores, I am ready! So we put together a huge collection of activities.

Finding this collection was amazing, to be honest. I mean, I knew there were some good ideas out there for the preschool pumpkin theme, but we just explored all of them truly and not just art. We are talking fine motor, literacy, play dough, math, science, sensory, dramatic play, cooking, small world, and large motor!


Dental Healthy Brush it Off

Dental healthy is a lesson that follows us throughout life. Making sure children are taught the importance of their teeth is important to their future. Giving kindergartners the right tools and information about brushing their teeth can help them fight off the cavities and ensure the success of their oral care.

Learning to Brush Teeth with a smile is one of our projects. When focusing specifically on teeth brushing lessons for kindergarten aged children ,a few things that they should be taught are the health benefits of keeping their mouth clean by brushing and flossing their teeth, what toothpaste does, what plaque is and more. Incorporating educational lessons by using games, crafts and rhymes into our lessons plans on brushing teeth helped our children learn lasting oral care habits, build motor skills and kept them attentive and having fun. Here are a few of our activities.

Halloween Culture

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Nights and Kings

Jack and The Beanstalk

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Music Class

Cooking Class

Three little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf